La Morella, the location for your dream receptions
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The history of Masseria La Morella

Built like a village, this ancient eighteenth-century farmhouse seems the ideal place to set a fairy tale: your wedding! At the center are placed the manor buildings, around a large courtyard with a central well. Around canopies, ornamental pergolas, gardens with fruit trees and other decorative plants. Here and there some wells to remember the ancient agricultural vocation of our farm. However, the word “location” should not make you picturing us like a place to rent for external catering! At Morella you will find a complete staff that takes care of the organization of your wedding. The kitchen, the chefs and all the restaurant staff are internal, so you can talk to one person who coordinates everyone. The organization of your wedding will be simpler and more direct.

Masseria La Morella, between Salerno, Paestum and the Amalfi coast

Masseria La Morella enjoys an enviable position. The Masseria is located in the center, between the Gulf of Salerno, the temples of Paestum and the enchanting Amalfi coast. Surrounded by greenery, the estate offers an elegant and refined style, which will satisfy even the most demanding spouses. Your guests will easily reach the farm because it is well connected as La Morella is located just 4 km from the Battipaglia motorway exit.

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The tree-lined garden, for an outdoor reception

In order for the outdoor reception to be successful, it is necessary to have an estate that meets the demands. Despite its centuries-old history, Masseria La Morella seems to be designed specifically for this. Thanks to its magnificent tree-lined garden that can accommodate up to 200 people, you can celebrate your wedding outdoors, while taking advantage of the shade offered by the majestic tall trees.

The orange grove, for an outdoor wedding that smells of nature

Next to the tree-lined garden, Masseria La Morella also offers a garden furnished with citrus and ancient olive trees for outdoor weddings. Your wedding, possibly with a civil ceremony, will be celebrated among orange trees, olive trees, palm trees and hedges. This is a touch of elegance, which can remind you of an American style wedding in the garden.

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Rito Civile In Giardino
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The internal courtyard, for a classic wedding

Arranged in the center of the farm, among eighteenth-century buildings, the internal courtyard is ideal for those who want to celebrate a classic wedding and at the same time surprise their guests. The buildings of the farm, which rise around the central courtyard, have been recently and expertly restored. Our location is even more suggestive in the evening: as you can see from our pictures, we have recently enhanced the ancient well in the center of the farmyard and created a suggestive lighting.

The internal room for your receptions

At La Morella an incredible hardworking restoration has been carried out so to create an internal room, with about 180 seats, which evokes the wedding banquets of yesteryear. The room retains intact the brick arches, small engineering miracles, and the original terracotta floor. Furnished with antique furniture, the room gives the reception a convivial look. It is especially useful when the bride becomes “lucky”. The room has multiple exits towards the gardens and the courtyard of the farm.

Sala Ristorante Morella
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