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The best wines for your reception

At the table we guarantee a wine of excellent quality. But the peculiarity of Morella goes further. Near the court stands the ancient cellar of Morella dating back to the 1700s. This artifact best represents the winemaking vocation of the territory as inside it is possible to distinguish some architectural elements typical of the cellars in the area. Indeed, the first feature that catches the eye is the fact that it is an underground cellar, in order to ensure the right temperature for the stored wine and to reduce the entry of light. To this day, we organize in the cellar  tastings of our Aglianico wine aged in oak barrels, accompanied by local cheeses and cold cuts. The cellar is large enough to organize the tasting even during a wedding.

The wines produced by La Morella farm for your reception

Aglianico wine is back at La Morella farm, considered a grape variety of excellence from Campania, cultivated with the Guyot method.Single-variety wine-made in purity, with attention and care, our wine is subsequently aged in oak barrels. For this reason, during the receptions, it is possible to organize tastings of our Aglianico wine and more. The wine list produced by La Morella is also completed with the rosé wine that we often serve at the aperitif buffet, and the Fiano wine, which is served fresh from the cellar.

La Cucina De La Morella Sposa La Filosofia Dei Prodotti A Km 0
La Cucina De La Morella Sposa La Filosofia Dei Prodotti A Km 0
La Cucina De La Morella Sposa La Filosofia Dei Prodotti A Km 0

The Morella wine list

In its historic cellar, La Morella produces wines from organic vineyards. These are wines of the highest quality, produced with care and professionalism. Thanks to its experience, La Morella offers zero-kilometer wines from its cellar, strictly I.G.P. Thanks to this, we are able to organize tastings for any type of reception, both weddings or company meetings.

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