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Wedding in Salerno: exclusive and fairytale

At La Morella farm you will find the ideal place to celebrate a perfect wedding, elegant but at the same time original and without the constraints of the large hotel rooms. Thanks to our original location, the spouses have the opportunity to customize the event not only on decorative side with the choice, for example, of floral decorations, tablecloths, seats, style of the menu at the table, etc., but also on the logistics one. You can choose between wonderful gardens full of ornamental and fruit plants, or the internal rooms of the eighteenth-century farm, passing through the courtyard of the farm and more. La Morella is in fact an 18th century village organized as a small village, with its central square, the chapel, the buildings that once housed the farm workers, the sheds, cellars, deposits and citrus groves. Around a modern farm of 32 hectares

The wedding menu: organic products from 0 km agriculture

At La Morella farm the choice of the wedding menu is very important, it always ends after a test and a meeting with our chef. Whatever the preferences of the spouses, you will have the certainty of tasting organic products, coming from own production or from 0 km agriculture. We revisit the traditional local dishes respecting the seasons, so as to always obtain tasty dishes: at La Morella we try to avoid frozen ingredients in any way possible!Alongside the traditional cuisine, La Morella farm also offers a prestigious 18th century cellar where you can organize wine and cheese tastings during your wedding. Here you will find our wines, some of which are organic. With regard to the cellar, we invite you to visit our dedicated page where you can better appreciate the advantage of an 18th century cellar available during your wedding

La Cucina De La Morella Sposa La Filosofia Dei Prodotti A Km 0
La Cucina De La Morella Sposa La Filosofia Dei Prodotti A Km 0
La Cucina De La Morella Sposa La Filosofia Dei Prodotti A Km 0

Civil wedding: the ideal location if you are planning not to get married in church

If the wedding that the couple is looking for does not include a religious ceremony, then you have one more reason to choose La Morella. Our farm is also perfectly equipped to organize a legally valid civil wedding. In the fantastic setting of our courtyards, in the gardens and in many other corners of our farm, we will be able to arrange the altar and the seats for the guests to celebrate the civil wedding outdoors. Thanks to a special agreement with the municipality of Battipaglia, our farm can use a garden or the internal chapel to celebrate a civil wedding; a municipal minister will be present at the celebration and your marriage will be legally valid. If you don’t want to worry about floral decorations, seating arrangements, music, amplification etc. that is not a problem at all: we take care of everything! We offer packages that include only the use of spaces or spaces already set up. Of course, you can choose the details of the fittings! For more information visit our page.

The civil ceremony and personalization

At Masseria La Morella the architectural richness and the size of the structure will allow you to design a reception tailored to the wishes and personality of the couple. And if you plan to get married with a civil ceremony, you will have the opportunity to have it celebrated by the Municipality Minister with us thanks to a special agreement. In this way, the ceremony and reception will become a single exciting party to share with your guests.

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